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Abhilasha Garden team did a wonderful job in putting my reception and wedding decor together, the decorations were aesthetically amazing and beautiful, everything was perfectly done on time as per our expectations and there was no compromise in the quality! 👏 :

- Rajesh Kumar Singh

It was beautifully conducted by Abhilasha Garden. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food. I can proudly say that probably I was one of a very few bride’s mom who was totally relaxed and I got to enjoy the wedding as well. Wish I had one more daughter for me to go through the process again.

- Akshitha Prabhakar

I really appreciate the service and involvement of the staff in giving personal touch to make the event a memorable moment which we will cherish all the time.

- Ramesh Kumar


Abhilasha Garden and Resorts

Parsa Bazar - Sampatchak Main Rd, Sampatchak

Patna - 804453

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